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Automatically Watches Out For You myPC EagleEye™ actively seeks updates, patches and the latest definitions to keep your PC/laptop running safe, clean and as fast as it's been designed to be.
Fast and Easy to Install Keep your PC or laptop running clean and safe with a simple download and install of the myPC EagleEye™ app.
100% Performance Guarantee If myPC EagleEye™ doesn't deliver greater performance, antivirus, protection again spyware and malware, you'll get a refund. Guaranteed.
  • Proactive
  • Simple
  • Guaranteed

We keep your home PC & laptop running clean

Never again worry about the safety of your data or slow moving, virus-ridden computers at home. Now there’s a proactive, guaranteed, affordable way to keep your home PC/laptop automatically clean and safe for only the cost of a cup of coffee a week – myPC EagleEye™ from Green Technology Services. Think of it as a high flying, take-charge computer guardian that patrols unseen in the background – always on and always working.

Eaglet Plan

Eaglet: A full suite of PC optimization services including: Antivirus, Malware, Spyware and Spam blocking/removal, and Microsoft updates & patches.

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Bald Eagle Plan

Bald Eagle: All the services of the Eaglet plan, PLUS up to 2 GB of automatic file and data backup as well as our PC performance optimization service.

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Golden Eagle Plan

Golden Eagle: Bald Eagle plan services PLUS up to 10 GB of automatic file/data backup, 2 PCs covered, plus one on-site visit (in select areas).

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Testimonial from Alan Michael

"I have peace of mind of knowing that our data is safe, secure and completely backed up."
— Alan Michael

Testimonial from Michael Gross

"I get more than what I pay for and the support is outstanding!"
— Michael Gross

Testimonial from Leanne Workman

"I love how I install it and then just don’t have to worry about it. So simple that I wish I had done it sooner."
— Leanne Workman

How myPC EagleEye worksmyPC EagleEye™ is a continuous solution for home PC owners. Simply download and install the application. After that, be sure your PC/laptop is connected to the internet on a regular basis. We take care of the rest. myPC EagleEye constantly evaluates and performs the latest Microsoft updates and patches, virus definitions, malware penetrations, spam attacks, and system performance.It cleans what needs to be cleaned and blocks what needs to be blocked. Automatically.

Features Offered

myPC EagleEye™ Provides:
Antivirus Protection • Malware Protection • Spam Blocking • Spyware Protection • Microsoft Software Patches and Updates • Performance Optimization • Automatic Remote, Shared Backup Up to 10GB

100% Guarantee

100% Guarantee

We put our money where our mouse is. If myPC EagleEye doesn't conduct its automated protection and updating service, we'll refund your monthly service fee.

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